Friday, November 06, 2020

The National Flooding Dashboard

The USGS has released a new interactive map which provides real-time information about water levels, weather and flood forecasts. The new National Water Dashboard can provide critical real-time information to the public during flood events. 

The new USGS map is designed to be a one-stop resource for accessing all USGS water data. The map includes data from 13,000 monitoring stations across the United States measuring stream, lake, reservoir and groundwater conditions. It also provides real-time information on rainfall levels and tidal conditions. If you turn on the map's Weather Conditions layer you can view data on recent rainfall, rainfall forecasts, snow depths and drought conditions. Select the Watches section in the Weather Conditions layer and you can view all the areas in the USA which currently have a Flood Advisory warning.

The National Water Dashboard interactive can also be used by local emergency managers during critical flood conditions. It can help them to decide when and where to issue flood & evacuation warnings and help them to establish safe evacuation routes and emergency response efforts.Conversely during droughts the National Water Dashboard can be used to help monitor and manage scarce water supplies.

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