Friday, November 27, 2020

The Color of Passports


For many English people one of the major benefits of leaving the European Union is that they will be able to have a blue rather than a red passport. After Brexit they will no longer be able to enjoy free movement in Europe but at least they won't have to carry the same color passport as a Frenchman.

Red is the New Black is an interactive map which shows the colors of passports around the world. Red is the most popular color for passports. 135 countries around the world issue red colored passports. The next most popular color is blue. 103 countries have blue passports. For many Muslim countries green is the color of choice for passports. 79 countries have green passports.

Red is the New Black doesn't just reveal the color of each country's passport. It also shows you how powerful each country's passport really is. On the map each country's passport is sized according to the number of countries the passport gives you access to without a visa. If you have a blue United Arab Emirates passport you can visit 179 countries around the world without a visa. At the other end of the scale an Afghan passport will only allow you to visit 35 countries.

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