Friday, November 27, 2020

World Heritage Journeys in Europe

There are over 400 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Europe. Many of them are very well known but there are many others which I am sure that you have yet to discover. Which is why you might want to explore the World Heritage Journeys of Europe.

World Heritage Journeys of Europe is an interactive mapped tour of UNESCO World Heritage sites throughout the European continent. The map includes four different themed journeys around Europe's many World Heritage sites. These four tours are entitled 'Ancient Europe', 'Romantic Europe', 'Royal Europe' and 'Underground Europe'.

Each of the four tours includes a combination of satellite imagery, photography and custom-styled interactive maps of some of Europe's most historically rich locations. The map highlights some of the most attractive sights and attractions which are recommended by the locals at each World Heritage Site. These points of interest are each described in detail and the map also provides essential visiting information, such as the location's opening hours and admission fees (where applicable).

You can view the location of all 1,121 UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List Interactive Map. The color of the markers on this map show which sites are cultural (yellow), which are  natural sites (green) and which sites are in danger (red).

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