Wednesday, November 04, 2020

World Bank Maps

The World Bank Maps interactive mapping portal is a way to explore World Bank projects across the world. The map also provides access to a huge range of infrastructure data for countries around the globe. This includes data on transport, energy and digital networks.

The World Bank's interactive map includes three main visualization sections which allow you to explore World Bank financed projects by region, country, and by area of interest. These three main sections are: Projects, Locations and Datasets. The Projects section allows you to explore World Bank projects in different countries around the world. The Locations section similarly allows you to see where the World Bank is currently working across the globe. The Datasets section includes over a 1000 different datasets relating to World Bank Projects.

Alongside this visualization of World Bank Projects the map allows you to explore infrastructure networks around the world related to internet traffic, transportation and energy. There are a number of different datasets to explore in this section. For example data on all the airports around the world, marine traffic and railway passenger volumes in countries across the world. In the 'energy' networks section you can view data on nuclear power stations, and coal, gas and oil powered plants.

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