Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Instagram on Google Maps

InstaBrowsr is a nice little Google Maps application for finding photos submitted to Instagram around any location. The app was knocked up over the weekend so it is a little rough around the edges (e.g. the info windows don't always expand to accommodate all the photos) but I still like it a lot.

There have been a few other Instagram Google Maps developed but the one's I've seen before haven't allowed for the same fine degree of location searching as InstaBrowser. Using InstaBrowsr you can use the Google Map to find photos around any location. So if you want to see photos of your street submitted to Instagram you just need to locate your house on the map.

You can use the map to explore photos from any location. Want to see photos of the London Olympics site? Then just navigate to 'Stratford, London' on the map. Want to see photos of the Golden Gate Bridge? Then pan to or search for San Francisco. Simple!
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