Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Video Tracking with Google Maps

Ubipix allows anyone with a smartphone to capture, tag, upload and share video or photo collections and view the submissions on a Google Map.

Using the Ubipix application on your phone allows you to capture video alongside a GPS track. Once you have captured your video (or photographs)  you can view and share the video on the Ubipix website. The video is automatically synchronised with a Google Map, so as you watch a video you can also view the location of the camera and its direction during the video's capture.

Below the video and the Google Map you can also view other data, such as the speed and distance travelled whilst shooting the video.


Craig said...

Interesting. I had a bunch of videos up on Seero before they went bust, this is the closest thing I've seen to a replacement.

Craig said...

I take it back. The app won't record without a good GPS fix but everything else on my phone says I do have a fix. Playback from their site (which is full of typos and missing all the polish you'd expect before going live) is terrible. All in all I'd say this is very early alpha/tech demo level. Not fit for public consumption yet.