Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Isometric Maps of the World

Edushi has been creating interactive isometric maps of Chinese cities for a number of years. They have now created maps for all the major Chinese cities.

You can find links to all the Chinese city maps on the Edushi website. The links are all in Chinese. Here are some quick links to view the maps for Honk Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

Youcity has created similar isometric maps for New York and San Francisco.

The Reykjavik Center Map is a gorgeous hand drawn isometric map of the Icelandic capital. The map includes a number of map markers which give the user information about landmarks in the city.

OpenStreetMap Isometric 3D Maps is a series of isometric maps built on OpenStreetMap map tiles. The maps have been created with open source software (links to the code on github are provided).

These isometric maps are not as visually effective as the other examples but this is an interesting open source project built on open source map tiles. I'm sure that developers will build on this platform and create more attractive isometric building models in the future. 

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Anonymous said...

I love isometric, it reminds me of Dungeon Keeper!