Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 Solar Eclipse Maps

The HeyWhatsThat: Eclipses Map uses two synchronised Google Earth maps to show the path of this Sunday's solar eclipse.

One map shows the path of the solar eclipse on a map of the Earth and the other map displays a planisphere showing the path of the moon across the face of the sun. If you press the play button you can watch an animation of the eclipse as it will be seen from anywhere along the path.

If you can't manage to get to a location that gives you a view of the full solar eclipse you can use the application to find out if you can view a partial eclipse from your location. Just drag the purple square on the left hand map to a location to observe what the eclipse will look like from that location.

The NASA 2012 Solar Eclipse Map uses Google Maps to also show the path of the solar eclipse.

You can lick anywhere on the map to mark a position and calculate the eclipse times from that location. For example, in San Francisco you can view a partial eclipse starting at 5.16 pm.

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