Thursday, May 03, 2012

Google Maps of the Brain

Texas A&M University's Brain Networks Laboratory has released Google Maps that allow users to view images of mouse brains captured by their knife-edge scanning microscope (KESM).

The KESM Brain Atlas currently has maps of three different mouse brains that can be viewed using the Google Maps interface. Users can zoom in and explore the brains as they might any other Google Map. It is also possible to turn on labels to see the names of the different regions of the brain.

Also See
  • Brain Neural Maps - Brown University's two-dimensional neural image maps of the brain
  • NYU School of Medicine Virtual Microscope - the Virtual Microscope uses the Google Maps API to display and navigate scanned slides of microscopic images
  • Genome Projector - a searchable database browser that uses the Google Maps API to provide a zoomable user interface for molecular biology
  • Zygote Body - a body browser that uses a Google Maps type interface to explore the human body

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