Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Pin Your Media to a Map with Mapinterest

Mapinterest is an interesting social network built on Google Maps. The application allows you to pin media to places on Google Maps, follow other users, check-in at locations and explore places added to the map by other users.

You can connect to Mapinterest with a Twitter or Facebook account. Once you have connected you can begin adding places to the map.  One of the most interesting features of Mapinterest is that it allows you to add media to place locations. Once on a place page you can add a link to a YouTube video, a Flickr or Instagram picture or even a Pininterest page and the video or photo is automatically added to the place page on Mapinterest.

Even if you aren't interested in joining a map based social network Mapinterest is a great way to share your videos and photographs with the world.

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Land Surveyors United said...

we will be using Mapinterest for Survey Earth in a Day