Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fun with Google Maps

Google Indoor Street View appears to have caught a snap of theoretical physicist Michio Kaku on a break from shooting another physics documentary in Katz Deli in New York.

Whilst on the subject of famous people being spotted in New York, I hear that the celebrity spotting map Gawker Stalker is planning a relaunch soon with some new features.

In other news Google Maps also seems to have caught the CIA's secret Ghost Plane Tracking Plane in action. Even more excitingly it appears to have caught the Ghost Plane Tracking Plane just at the moment it is actually about to catch a Ghost Plane. Now what are the chances of that?

Google Sightseeing this week found this Street View image of two polar suited Norwegians arguing about who was responsible for packing the wrong clothes.

Google Sightseeing believe that it is probably these two guys again -

I think that they are probably right.

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Melvin Socks said...

You gave my my first good chuckle of the day - great pics! Thanks.