Monday, May 14, 2012

The Eurozone Crisis on Google Maps

In Spain the unemployment rate is a staggering 25%. Geografia Operativa has created a Google Map to show the areas that have the lowest rates of unemployment. The map acts as a guide to where unemployed Spaniards are most likely to be able to find work.

The map shows that Andalusia is resisting the downturn, with an unemployment rate lower than in Norway, as are cities such as Bilbao, San Sebastián, Majadahonda, Alcala la Real, and Palma del Río.

Via: Blog Idee

In the UK the Guardian has created a Google Map of Repossessions in England and Wales. This map shows which local authorities in the two countries have the highest repossession rates of people's homes.

CNN has created (a fairly ugly but still useful)  map that allows users to view a number of different economic indicators for the Eurozone countries.

The map allows the user to explore Unemployment Rates, Youth Unemployment Rates, GDP, Growth and the Debt of each of the Eurozone countries.

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