Thursday, May 17, 2012

2012 London Olympics Torch Relay Maps

The Olympic flame is today being handed to the organisers of the London Games at a ceremony in Athens. The flame will arrive in the UK on Friday before it starts on an 8,000 mile journey, in a 70-day relay, to arrive at the Olympic Park in Stratford, London in time for the start of the 2012 London Olympics.

Follow the Flame with Figures is a Google Map and calendar of the Olympic torch's route around the UK, created by the UK's Office for National Statistics. The map shows the route that the torch relay will take and includes a calendar function to see where the torch will be on a particular date. The map includes a postcode search function to find out where and when the relay will pass a particular location.

The map also includes data from the Office for National Statistics. Users can click on every stop on the map and find out some key statistics for that area, such as unemployment, population etc.

The Official 2012 London Olympics website has a Bing Map of the Olympic Torch Relay Route.

The official map allows users to zoom in to see the detail of the route street-by-street. It includes a postcode search function to find out where and when the Flame will be near a location. You can also use the map to find the locations of evening celebrations, which take place at the end of almost every day of the relay.

Tripline has about three pages of animated localised maps that its users have created of the torch relay route through their neighbourhoods and towns. 

There are too many maps to list them all. If you want to know if someone has created a map for a particular area just click on the Tripline link above, which will take you to the search results page for 'Olympic Torch Relay'.


Steven Gray said...

The Olympic flame lighting ceremony and the torch relay are both such amazing events associated with the Olympic Games. Can't wait for the opening ceremony.

Ray Rice said...

Look forward to opening ceremony.

Colonel said...

I can't wait for the ceremony, thanks for sharing this map, i was looking for it