Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Aerial Street Views with Google Maps

On April 1st Google Sightseeing ran a spoof post about Google releasing aerial Street View on Google Maps. Google might not have glued a pair of wings to the Street View trike - yet - but  a number of other websites are concentrating on providing  interactive 360° aerial panoramas.

The New York skyline has to be one of the most interesting in the world and the Pixelcase's Aerial Tour of New York City does it full justice.

The tour includes ten interactive 360° aerial panoramas taken above New York City. Each panorama includes a Google Map that shows the location of the photo and the direction of view as you pan the image.

Be aware however that Pixelcase also includes the most annoying welcome screen I've ever seen. The screen makes you wait to view the site for over a minute unless you 'share' or 'like' it with a social network.

Tours from Above is a showcase of some amazing 360 degree aerial panoramas. The site uses Google Maps to show you the locations of aerial panoramas. These panoramas allow you to view oceans, forests, waterfalls and some of the world's cities in a way that you have never seen them before.

AirPano also has a great collection of 360 degree aerial panoramas of locations around the world. Each of the panoramic images has an option to use Google Maps to show the location of the image and to show the current field of view.

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Francoluis said...

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