Monday, May 07, 2012

Cussing London on Google Maps

Ed Manley, a researcher at University College London and author of the Urban Movements blog, has analysed Tweets in London looking at the prevalence of swearing on Twitter.

Manley looked at the swearing patterns on Twitter by time (swearing seems to get more popular the longer the day progresses) and geographically. A Google Map of the spatial patterns of swearing in London can be viewed on The Guardian website.

The map shows that swearing is less prevalent in the centre of the city and more widely practised in London's outer boroughs.

So do Londoner's swear more at home than at work?

Manley thinks not.You can read his theory about why swearing is more prevalent in some boroughs that others on the Urban Movements blog.

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Anonymous said...

What about other cities around the world? :)