Monday, May 21, 2012

Street View Imagined Landscapes

Today I came across this, which immediately made me think of this which in turn gave me the idea for this - Street View Art.

Essentially in this little Street View project I've embedded Street View images inside other (different) Street View images to create new imaginary landscapes. So far I've created just ten new landscapes using different Street View images from around the world.

My plan is to create more imagined landscapes when I have the time and turn the application into a slideshow, which will automatically play through each image in turn.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but those are rubbish

Mr Data said...

The ONLY picture that is pretty on that site is the snowy apartment one.

Your picture at the top is VERY misleading to what' s on the actual site which is hardly nature at all.

So in other words Anonymous is right. Those are "rubbish" but they don't have to be.

Anonymous said...

sticking one (uninspiring) photo onto another (uninspiring) one is not art.

Alan Parkinson said...

Just to add balance... these are what you make of them as the viewer (as with a lot of art)
Moving the images around within the frame allows you to create 'new' versions of the landscapes, just as people change every landscape by their actions....

I like them :)