Monday, May 13, 2013

Testing Website Speeds with Google Maps

The Worldwide Website Speed Test allows you to test how fast a webpage loads from anywhere in the world.

To test a website you just need to enter its URL in the search box and click on the Google Map. The app then uses a huge network of proxies to test the loading speed and displays the results beneath the map. You can select multiple locations on the map and compare the speed of loading the website at different locations across the world.

From the same developer as the Worldwide Website Speed Test comes the Zip Code Catcher, a great Google Maps based application for finding and downloading all the zip codes for a specific area.

The map includes two drawing tools. A circle tool allows the user to quickly define a radius around the desired location. However, if you need to define an area more precisely, a polygon tool allows you to plot out an area more accurately.

Once you have defined the desired area on the map you just need to click the download button and you can download a CSV of all the zip codes in your selected area. The downloaded spreadsheet includes all the zip codes and the city, state, latitude and longitude, the population and even the distance from the center of your selected area for each zip code.
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