Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Google Maps at Google I/O

Google I/O kicks off tomorrow. Over the last few years Google has used the occasion to announce the introduction of important new features to Google Maps and the maps API.

If the rumours of the introduction of a new design for Google Maps are true then it looks like Google will once again be using I/O to make some announcements of interest to map developers.

The Keynote Session is scheduled for 9am tomorrow. It is hard to see how Google will better last years skydiving, mountain biking and abseiling demo of Google Glass. I suspect however that Google Glass will feature heavily again in this year's keynote.  

The very first Google Maps session looks to be the one to watch to find out what's new in Google Maps and the maps API.

Here are the Google Maps sessions that will be streamed live (all times are PDT (GMT-7) ):

May 15th

12.45pm Google Maps: Into the Future

In this session, the Product Management Director of Google Maps teams with the Product Manager for the Google Maps API and the lead Developer Advocate to walk you into the future of Google Maps.

4.40pm Making Location Meaningful with the Google Maps APIs

This session will explore using aspects of location to present a richer experience for users.

5.30pm The Other Mobile Mapping Platform: Getting Your Maps into iOS

The Google Maps SDK for iOS. This session will explore different ways for you to integrate your data with a Google Maps experience.

May 16th

12.45pm All the Ships in the World: Visualizing Data with Google Cloud and Maps

Tens of thousands of ships report their position at least once every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day. Visualizing that quantity of data and serving it out to large numbers of people takes lots of power both in the browser and on the server. This session will explore the use of Maps, App Engine, Go, Compute Engine, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, and WebGL to do massive data visualization.

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