Friday, May 03, 2013

Landmark Directions for UAE

A few years ago an Indian website called RouteGuru devised a Google Map based system for giving directions based on landmarks. In many countries roads often don't have names, so when giving directions individuals will refer to landmarks instead of road names.

Google themselves quickly introduced their own form of landmark directions for India in its directions service on Google Maps. If you search for directions in India on Google Maps you might find directions like this:

Turn right at The Co-Operative Training Centre
Pass by The Co-Operative Bank
Turn left at Sai Baba Temple

Landmarkr has just launched a similar service in the United Arab Emirates. Using Landmarkr it is possible to ask for directions between any two points in the country. A suggested route is displayed on a Google Map and step-by-step directions are outlined in the map sidebar using a mixture of road names and local landmarks.

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