Friday, May 24, 2013

Indian Real-Estate with Commute Times

HouseinCity is a Google Maps based real-estate engine for a number of Indian cities.

HouseinCity allows house hunters to search for a property by location, price, the number of bedrooms and by the property's builder. In what I think is a first for Indian real-estate websites, HouseinCity also offers users the option to search by commuting time.

The map includes two commuting time options. 'Metro Connectivity' overlays a heat map of metro travel times on the map. The heat map shows the average commuting time for a morning commute on the metro. Alternatively, for the driving times of a commute in morning traffic, users can use the 'Project Connectivity' option.

It is also possible to display local amenities, like schools, shopping malls etc. on the map. If you select any of the local amenities on the map you can instantly view the travel time that it will take to reach the amenity from your selected location.

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