Thursday, May 23, 2013

Post Tornado Satellite Imagery - Updated

NPR has released a map showing aerial imagery of the damage from the tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma. Zoom In On Oklahoma Tornado Damage displays imagery collected on May 20th.

The map includes a tool to view building footprints, the tool can be turned on and off by clicking on the 'Hide Labels' button.

This Open Street Map map of aerial imagery also shows the devastating damage caused by the tornado in Moore.

Unfortunately the map doesn't have any zoom controls or an option to view aerial imagery of the same location before the tornado struck. The map, however, does include a dynamic URL that gives the latitude and longitude of the current view. Therefore, if you want to compare before and after views of the tornado, you can grab the latitude and longitude of a view and paste it into Google Maps.

The aerial view above shows Plaza Towers Elementary School.  Below is the aerial view of the same school on Google Maps, taken before the tornado.

Update: Google Crisis Map now also has the same post-tornado imagery. The Google Crisis Map also includes aerial imagery taken at the end of April, so users can compare the pre and post-tornado imagery on the same map.

The New York Times has also created two evocative custom Street View images of the devastation caused by the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma - Before and After: 360° Views From Moore.

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