Friday, May 17, 2013

Google Maps - New Maps for Old

Ubilabs have been testing out the new look base map layer that is now available in the Google Maps API.

They have created a simple demo that allows you to compare the new look that is available if you add


to your code. If you mouse-over the demo map you can switch between the old and new designs. So far Ubilabs have confirmed the following design changes in the new base map and map controls:

No shadows for markers
Markers are slightly bigger
Simplified InfoWindow
Smaller MapType toggle
Smaller Google logo (bottom left)
Smaller TOS bar (bottom right)
Tweaked zoom slider
Saturated map color
State borders show up in higher zoom level
Buildings show up in higher zoom level
Icons for all POI places in a small circle
Major streets in cities are desaturated
New font (Roboto) used in InfoWindow
New colors for directions (route & markers)
Some area labels are light grey

Mapperz has also been playing with the new design. He created this JSFiddle page so you can play around with the code yourself and check out how things look with the new Google Maps design.

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