Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Irish Geek's Dream Map

The Atlas of Ingenious Ireland is an Irish geek's dream map. The map helps you find Ireland’s ingenious places; from museums to hi-tech research institutions Ingenious Ireland shows you where great discoveries were made, and where great scientists and inventors were born and worked.

Using the map you can find great places to visit in Ireland. For example, why not visit the world's oldest astronomical observatory at Newgrange, made 5,000 years ago in the Stone Age. Or you could visit the spot at Broome Bridge where Sir William Rowan Hamilton, in 1843, invented a revolutionary new algebra. Hamilton's ‘quaternions’ describe things moving in 3D, and are now used to orient spacecraft, in 3D animations and in computer games.

Non-Irish geeks and nerds can use Nerdy Day Trips instead.

When nerds go to the beach they go to Marconi Beach, named after the Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi. Or at least they do if they consult Nerdy Day Trips.

This Google Map is a great collection of interesting places to visit. Consulting the map for my own part of London I find that Edmund Halley's grave is nearby, there is a Cold War era nuclear bunker museum just down the road and numerous small museums nearby that I never knew existed.

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