Thursday, May 02, 2013

Live Tube Directions on Google Maps

Here is a handy route-finding map for users of the London Underground. The Live Tube Map is designed to help tube passengers find the fastest route from one London tube station to another.

Before you say 'So what? I've seen transit routing maps before!", let me tell you about why the app is called the Live Tube Map. The Live Tube Map uses the real-time service updates from Transport for London to route around any current delays on the Underground.

If the normally fastest route would involve travelling on a line that is currently experiencing delays the Live Tube Map works out if a different route would be quicker (based on the estimated delays) and then displays that route on a Google Map.

Whilst we are on the subject of the London Underground you might also like The Real-Time Map of the Tube.

Matthew Somerville's map of the London Underground network displays all trains in approximately real-time, based on TfL's live departure data. The map is now using OpenStreetMap rather than Google Maps but, like many a jilted partner, I'm finding it hard to stop loving the one that got away.

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