Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Maps of the Week

The big news in online mapping this week was the launch of OpenStreetMap's new map editor iD. iD has been designed to lower the threshold for users to edit OpenStreetMap data.

Central to this mission of easing users into the skills needed to add to OpenStreetMap is a great introductory walk-through tutorial. When you first open the editor an interactive tutorial guides you through some of the important features of editing OpenStreetMaps.

iD is a great improvement on the old OpenStreetMaps editing tools and greatly reduces the learning curve for new OpenStreetMap editors.

Ancient Maps of Jerusalem is a great new interactive tool to browse the National Library of Israel's collection of maps of Jerusalem.

A timeline interface allows users to browse the maps by date. The earliest map is Civitas Iherusalem, dating from 1486 and the timeline includes hundreds of maps, right up to the Map of Jerusalem and Environs, dated 1935.

If you click on any of the map images you can view the map in a larger format. This larger format includes a handy little magnifying glass tool that allows you to view any section of the map in close-up detail. 

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