Monday, May 13, 2013

Photos from the ISS Mapped

Like thousands of over people around the world I have been avidly following Cmdr Chris Hadfield's Twitter account, during his mission aboard the International Space Station.

One of the features of Cmdr Hadfield's tweets has been his amazing photos of Earth taken from the ISS. While viewing the photos I've often hoped that someone would undertake the task of mapping them - and of course someone has.

Our World from the ISS is an ESRI map of photos, taken from the ISS posted by @Cmdr_Hadfield and @AstroMarshburn on Twitter. If you click on the markers you can view a thumbnail of the posted image. If you click on the thumbnail the photo will open in a new browser window.

In truth I'm only posting this map today as an excuse to include what must be the greatest music video of all time. So just in case you are the one person left on Earth who hasn't yet seen Cmdr Hadfield's amazing version of David Bowie's Space Oddity - here it is:

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