Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bob Dylan, Facebook Crimes & the CSS Map

Amnesty International in New Zealand has developed an app that analyses your Facebook timeline for possible crimes under international law.

If you connect Trial by Timeline to your Facebook account you can view a map of all the locations in the world where you could face imprisonment for your behaviour. I must remember not to post drunken messages to my Facebook wall if I'm ever in Kuwait.

It should be a crime under international law to listen to Bob Dylan. However Slate has decided to mark Bob Dylan's 72nd birthday with a map of every street, town, and city Dylan has ever sung about.

If you click on a song's marker on the Bob Dylan Map you can then click through to read the lyrics of the song or listen to it on Spotify. I was kidding by the way, I love Bob Dylan's music.

One map kept cropping up in my never ending search for maps this week. The CSS Tube Map recreates Harry Beck's famous London Underground map using nothing but HTML5, CSS3 and a tiny bit of jQuery. It uses no images.

The map was created by John Galantini, who you may know from his CSS Tardis.

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