Monday, May 27, 2013

Where in the World on Google Maps

I've always found Google Maps satellite imagery guessing games far too difficult. In these games you are given a close-up shot of a few trees or a nondescript field, which really could be taken almost anywhere in the world, and then you asked to identify where it is. Most of these games are almost impossible!

Map Race however is different. I found that if you select the World Cities mode then you have a really good chance of getting the answer right. In this mode you are shown an aerial view of a random city and you then have to guess the correct location from four different cities.

Given the style of architecture, the street patterns and the other visual clues that are apparent in the aerial image I've found that you can normally make a very guess of the city's location. In fact I'm rather good at this game, even when I have never visited the portrayed city.

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