Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Google Maps Guides to the World

The travel guide publishers Rough Guide have used the Google Maps API to provide a guide to great place to visit worldwide.

As you navigate the Rough Guide website look out for the 'view map' option that allows you to view Rough Guide recommended locations on a map. The drop-down menu above the map allows you to select individual countries and cities.

If you select a country or city from the menu then a general introduction to your chosen destination is given beneath the map and all the Rough Guide recommended places to visit are displayed on the map.

Spiegel Online has also released a travel guide to the world. The Google Maps based guide is a mixture of Spiegel travel reports, travel writer's travel tips and Spiegel readers' travel tips.

Die Welt Entdecken (Explore the World) allows the user to search a Google Map by location and to filter the travel suggestions shown on the map.  The filters include these different types of travel tips and advice and also categories, such as food & drink, where to sleep and places to visit.

Die Welt Entdecken is in German.

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