Thursday, June 16, 2016

The European Public Transport Map

The Dark Map of European Infrastructure is an interesting map of the European public transit system. At the lowest zoom levels the map only shows the continent's railway lines and its train & bus stations.

The yellow lines on the map are the railway lines. The yellow dots are train stations and the white dots are bus stations. It is fascinating how a recognizable map of Europe emerges just from the infrastructure of its public transport systems.

The map also seems to reveal some interesting patterns in European transit systems. For example Spain stands out as it seems to have far more bus stations (white) than railway lines and stations (yellow). However it might be a mistake to make any assumptions based on the map as it does seem to have a few errors in the data. The huge yellow patch over Switzerland appears to be partly down to the fact that bus stations in Switzerland have been colored yellow instead of white.

Via: Doctorcrowd

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