Monday, June 13, 2016

NYC Restaurant Inspections

Safe Dining NYC is an interactive map which allows you to search for New York restaurants by type of cuisine and also see their Health Department Inspection ratings.

If you select a restaurant on the map you can view the latest Health Department Inspection rating (the lower the better), the average rating over all inspections and the most recently awarded grade. You can also read the Health Department Inspection summaries for the selected restaurant for the last few years.

The map sidebar provides links which allow you to view all restaurants with A+ grades or all restaurants with Z grades (the worst of the worst). The colors used for the map markers are a little confusing as they indicate the type of cuisine rather than the Health Department ratings. I can't help thinking that the map would be more useful if it just used a green to red color scale for the map markers - so you could quickly tell which restaurants had good or bad Health Department ratings.

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