Thursday, June 23, 2016

5 Ways to Destroy Your House in Street View

The End is Nigh! You can't escape your destiny. Your road and your house are about to die. The only choice you have is whether you want your home to be destroyed by fire, flood or alien invasion.

1. Urban Jungle

Check out your house on Urban Jungle and you can see what happens when you forget to weed your garden. Urban Jungle allows you to catch a glimpse of what your post-apocalyptic house will look like, after civilization has collapsed and nature has reasserted its dominance over man.

Drop Pegman on the Urban Jungle Google Map and you can view your house in Street View - only this is Street View with a difference. Urban Jungle's Street View includes creeping vines and grass superimposed on Google's panoramic imagery.

2. World Under Water

Do you want to see what your house will look like once global warming causes the inevitable rise in sea levels? Just type in your address into World Under Water and you can catch a glimpse of your house sinking under the waves.

World Under Water is a very powerful campaign from Carbon Story which uses Google's panoramic imagery to provide a warning about rising sea levels. Once you have typed in your address into the application you can watch the rising water lap against the Street View image of your front door. Yikes!

3. Perfect Storms

To promote the last season of Perfect Storms the History Channel created this interactive that allows you to virtually destroy your house in a fire storm.

The app uses a combination of Google Maps and Street View to show the likely effects of a perfect storm on your own home and neighborhood. Just sit back and watch as your home disappears behind a wall of flames.

4. Independence Day - My Street

It is also possible to see your home being destroyed by aliens. Independence Day - My Street creates a little Street View based movie showing how your home might look after an alien invasion.

Just enter your address and you can view a little Street View scene showing the alien inflicted destruction of your home. Pan around the Street View scene and you can see fires burning, smoke rising and darkened skies. Look up and you might also spot a huge fleet of UFO's flying around overhead.

5. Brick Street View

Of course the end that we all fear the most is being turned into miniature toy versions of ourselves. In Legoland's 'Brick Street View' everything is made of bricks. That includes your home!.

Brick Street View allows you to take a little glimpse into the parallel world of Legoland and observe how your house would look if it was made of tiny colored bricks. Type your address into the Legoland Google Map and then drop the Lego Pegman onto your street. You can then view your home as it will appear when Lego finally takes over the whole world.

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