Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Messenger's Mapping of Mercury

Between 2011 and 2015 NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft orbited Mercury, studying the planet's chemical composition, geology, and magnetic field.

Melown's 3d Map of Mercury uses imagery collected by Messenger to provide an interactive 3d globe of the planet. The map includes four different imagery layers: natural color, morphology, false color and enhanced color.

The map itself was created with Melown's new 3d mapping library. Melown are currently accepting applications from developers who wish to alpha test the new Melown map API.

Messenger and the Science of Mercury is an Esri story map showcasing some of the discoveries made by the Messenger's spacecraft's orbit of the closest planet to the sun. Messenger was the first spacecraft to ever orbit Mercury and its findings have greatly enhanced our understanding of the planet.

Messenger and the Science of Mercury contains imagery of Mercury captured by Messenger during its orbit. It also includes an interactive map of the planet created by the Messenger team in 2013. The main part of the story map however is made up of a series of images with accompanying explanations examining the topography, mineralogy and atmosphere of Mercury.

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