Saturday, June 18, 2016

Club vs Country

English football players are a parochial bunch who don't like to travel too far from home. In fact all 23 players in the England squad for the 2016 European Championship play in the English Premier League.

The Irish on the other hand are known for their willingness to travel in search of fame and fortune. Not one player in the Republic of Ireland's Euro 2016 plays in the League of Ireland. Mind you Irish soccer players don't seem to travel too far from home, 22 of their 23 player squad play in the English football leagues.

Club vs Country is an interactive map which shows where in the world all the players in the 2016 European Championship ply their careers. Select a country's badge and you can view a map showing where all 23 players in their squad play their professional football. A little information window also opens which shows the number of players who play in their home country and the number who play abroad.

Euro 2016: The Multicultural Championship is an interactive map which shows the ancestry of players in this year's UEFA European Championship. 24 European nations are competing in the competition. However many other countries around the world will be represented by players who have migrated from or who have ancestry in those countries.

You can select any of the 24 national teams playing in the competition to view a Leaflet.js powered map showing the birthplaces or ancestry of the team's players. Players who were born in other countries are shown in red, players whose parents migrated from other countries are shown in white and players with ancestry in other countries are shown in yellow.

According to the Multicultural Championship league table France is the most diverse team, with 65% of the players having been born or having ancestry in other countries. The least diverse country is Romania, with 0 players having ancestry outside of Romania.

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