Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The View of Earth from Space

Esri has created an interactive map showcasing a collection of stunning photos of Earth taken by astronaut Tim Peake, from aboard the International Space Station. Explore the Earth with Tim Peake features a series of beautiful images of our planet taken from the perspective of the ISS's low Earth orbit.

With such unrivaled views it isn't surprising that astronauts on board the ISS love taking photographs of the Earth. In fact this isn't the first interactive map to feature pictures taken by ISS astronauts. You can view photos taken by astronauts Chris Hadfield and Thomas H. Marshburn on the Our World from the ISS map.

Dave MacLean has also made an interactive map showcasing some of the photos from ISS Missions 40 and 41. Don's map also shows the live position of the International Space Station in real-time.

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