Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Australia Election Maps

This coming Saturday Australians will be voting in the Australian federal election. These maps can help you discover who is standing, where you can vote and where the two main party leaders are campaigning.

The Google Interactive Election Map allows voters to find their nearest polling booth and find out who is running in their election area. Each polling booth on the map includes a handy directions link which shows you how you can get to your booth.

On election day the Google map will change to a live results map. You will be able to use the map to see the percentage of votes counted for each party in each of the 150 electorates

The Guardian's Campaign Election Tracker is mapping all the campaign visits by Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull in the lead up to the election. As well as tracking the number of visits by each of the two party leaders The Guardian is also keeping a running tally of the number of times each candidate has spoken about different political issues.

Each electoral seat on the two different candidate tracking maps is shaded by the number of visits the candidates have made to the seat. A full list of campaign events by both candidates is shown beneath the maps.

The 2016 Electorate Policy Spend Tracker shows you how many tax dollars each party has promised in different policy areas and where they say that money will be spent. The coalition has so far committed to $7.664b in policy spending and the ALP has made $8.389b in campaign promises.

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