Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Escaping the Holocaust

The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide, in London, has one of the world's largest archives about the Holocaust and Nazi era. Part of this archive includes documents and testimonies given to the library by refugees from Nazi Germany and other European countries.

The Refugee Family Papers Map allows you to explore and search the Wiener Library's collection of refugee family papers by location. These documents have been donated to the library over the years by Jewish refugees and their families, who escaped Nazi persecution by emigrating from Germany and other Nazi-dominated countries before and during World War II.

Using the map you can learn more about the often harrowing stories of Jewish refugees who managed to escape Nazi persecution. If you select a refugee's marker on the map you can access the documents donated to the library. Many of the refugees have also recorded interviews with the museum. You can listen to these first person accounts of escaping the Holocaust directly from the map.

You can listen to more audio recording made by Jewish survivors of the Holocaust on the British Library's Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust map.

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