Friday, June 24, 2016

Animating Increasing Property Values

The Vancouver Assessment Map is an interactive map showing how land assessment values have changed in Vancouver over the last ten years. The map visualizes how land & building values in the city have altered from July 2005 to July 2015.

The map includes an interesting 3d view, which allows you to view building & land values as extruded 3d building footprints or building lots. If you happen to loathe this type of mapped data visualization you can always switch to the 2d view, which presents a more traditional choropleth view of Vancouver land & building values.

You can use the time control on the map to select to view land & building values for any year. Alternatively you can press play to automatically progress through all ten years of the land & building values. This animated view of the data provides a neat overview of how and where properties in Vancouver have increased over the last ten years.

This technique of animating through colored building plots has been used in the past by some building age maps - in order to visualize how cities have grown over time. You can see examples of this in the Amsterdam Growing Over Time map and the LA Building Age map.

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