Monday, June 13, 2016

The Illegal Trade in Rhino Horn

Surprisingly Europe has been one of the global hot-spots of the organised theft of rhino horns. This is mainly due to organised criminal networks stealing rhino horn from government stockpiles, private homes and museums.

The reason why these organised criminal networks exist is because of the huge demand in Vietnam and China, primarily where rhino horn is used (with no effect) in traditional medicine. Of course the real tragedy in this illegal demand for rhino horn is the poaching of live rhinos in Africa,

The Environmental Investigation Agency wants to raise awareness in the illegal trade of rhino horns with this interactive map of Illegal Trade Seizures of Rhino Horn. The map shows incidents of seizures and thefts of rhino horn and convictions related to the rhino horn trade. Colored scaled markers are used on the map to show the number of horns stolen and horns seized by authorities around the world.

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