Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Into the Barents Sea in 3D

Fuglefjellet island in Norway is famous among ornithologists for its many species of nesting seabirds. You can now explore the island and learn more about its native seabirds in a wonderful new 3d map of the island created by NRK.

Fuglefjellet - Spesial is an amazing 3d story map which introduces you to the different species of birds living on the island. As you scroll through the story map you can learn more about the natural features of the island and the many types of seabirds that nest on Fuglefjellet.

The 3d map of Fuglefjellet also includes links to NRK's live webcams on the island, which allow you to watch the various species of seabirds in real-time. Because of Norway's long hours of sun-light in the summer months this is a great time to visit these live webcams. There are seven webcams to watch or you can view the 'All Birds' screen, which rotates through live views from all seven webcams.

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