Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bird Migrations Around the Globe

The Globe of Bird Migration is a mapped visualization of the migratory paths of 11 different species of birds around the world. The simplified migratory paths of each of the 11 bird species are animated on a 3d globe over the course of twelve months.

You can select to view the path of any of the 11 species using the menu on the left of the globe. When you select a species from the list you can view a few details about the birds' estimated population and conservation status. You can also discover where it breeds and winters and how far the species migrates.

Each bird species' migratory path is animated on the 3d globe. The breeding areas of the selected species is shaded on the globe.  The wintering grounds of the species is also shaded on the map. If you press play on the globe timeline you can view the bird migrating back and forth from its breeding and wintering grounds over the course of the year.

The 3d globe was custom coded for the visualization using the Unity WebGL engine and 3DS Max.

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