Sunday, September 18, 2016

Maps of the Week

Bath Strava Metro 2015 is a very impressive mapped visualization of Strava cycling data in the city of Bath. One of the most impressive aspects of this map is the number of options it provides to explore all aspects of the data, and what this reveals about cycling in the city.

The map allows you to explore the roads with the most and least cycling traffic. If you zoom in on the map numbers appear which reveal the total number of cyclists recorded on each section of the city's roads. If you click on the numbers you can view more details about cycling traffic on this section of road, such as the number of cyclists traveling in each direction, and the average speed of cyclists (in both directions).

You can learn more about the map and how it was made on the Bath: Hacked blog.

China is busy building the infrastructure to connect central Asia with the rest of the world. In One Belt, One Road the Financial Times explores some of the construction projects being designed to transport people and goods within the region and further afield.

The map uses the Mapbox GL story map template to scroll and pan a map of the region to show the various railway lines, roads and gas pipelines that have already been constructed or are in the process of being built. These construction projects include gas pipelines between China and Central Asia, the China to Pakistan highway and new high speed rail lines throughout the region.

The European Space Agency's Star Mapper is a map of 59,921 stars from the Hipparcos Catalogue. ESA's Hipparcos undertook the first space mission entirely dedicated to astronomy. During its mission Hipparcos measured the position, motion and distance of more than 100,000 stars.

One cool feature of the Star Mapper is the 'Motion' animation. If you select the Motion option you can view an animation of the stars moving across the night sky, in 1,000 year increments. You can also select the rewind button to observe how the stars appeared in the night sky in the past.

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