Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Connecting the Arctic

The Arctic Sensor Web Platform is an interactive map of real-time sensors across the Arctic. The map allows anyone to access real-time information about current weather conditions throughout the polar region.

The sensor readings can be accessed simply by clicking the markers on the map. Each sensor provides information on the current weather conditions, for example the temperature, wind speed, precipitation and visibility. The map menu allows you to filter the sensors shown on the map by country.

The Arctic Sensor Web Platform uses the Arctic Web Map, an Arctic specific web mapping tool, consisting of an Arctic-focused tile server, and a Leaflet-based client library. The Arctic Web Map uses a Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area view of the North Pole region. This means that the North Pole on the Arctic Web Map is not as distorted as it is in a Mercator projection, as used by Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and other popular web maps.

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