Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Map Your City from Memory

Alasdair Rae of Stats, Maps and Pix has decided to run an experiment on people's perceptions of their town or city boundaries. He has therefore released an interactive map which allows anyone to draw where they think the boundary of their home town is.

Draw Your City allows you to zoom in on any location in the world. You can then draw an outline around your town or city, showing the extent of your town or city's boundary. After drawing your boundary you then can say how long you have lived at the location and leave a little comment about the location.

If you click on the 'View Maps' link you can also view all the boundaries that other people have drawn. This allows you to see how close your concept of your town's size conforms with other peoples. If you click on a boundary on the map you can also read the comments that other users have left.

Alasdair's project is based on Colin Ross' Where is Sydney?. Colin's map is in turn inspired by the Neighborhoods Mapping Project. All three mapping projects use Nick Martinelli's crowd-sourcing neighborhood boundaries code, which is available on GitHub.

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