Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The Meteor Showers Map

Meteor Showers from Space is an amazing 3d visualization of meteor showers which can be seen from Earth. The visualization maps 11 different meteor shows and all the planets in the solar system.

If you select one of the 11 meteor showers from the drop-down menu you can watch an animated visualization of the chosen meteor shower from a number of different viewpoints. When you select a meteor shower from the menu the map automatically defaults to the date when the shower can best be seen from Earth.

You can change your view of the meteor shower by panning around the visualization and by zooming in and out. Meteor Showers from Space also includes three links to quickly switch to different views of the meteor shower. These show the view from Earth, a view which follows the Earth as it moves around the sun and a view of the whole Solar System.

Meteor Showers from Space was made using three.js, a JavaScript library for creating 3d WebGL visualizations.

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