Friday, September 09, 2016

Markers & Icons for Interactive Maps

Mapskin is a collection of scalable vector map icons which are available as an open source font. The collection includes a large number of icons, sorted by a number of categories, including 'controls', 'layers' and 'styling'.

You can add mapskin icons to your interactive maps by adding a link to the mapskin icon CSS style sheet on the mapskin CDN. Alternatively you can download and host the icons yourself. Once you have linked to the mapskin style sheet the icons can be scaled to any font size or screen. They can also be easily customized with CSS rules.

Another good source for map icons is Mapbox's Maki map icons collection. The collection includes 114 different open sourced map markers which can be used with your interactive maps.

Each icon in the Maki collection is available in two sizes, 11px by 11px and 15px by 15px, and can be downloaded in SVG format. The collection also comes with the Maki Icon Set Editor, which allows you to change the color and shape of the map icons so that they complement the design of your interactive maps.

Interactive map developers and designers might also be interested in the Maki Style Guidelines.

Yet another source for downloadable map icons is the Map Icons Collection. The Map Icons Collection includes over 1,000 different map icons in seven different styles. It is also possible to edit the colors of each of the map markers in the Map Icons Collection.

A fourth source for map markers is the Map Icons Designer. The Map Icons Designer includes 200 map icons which can be downloaded in PSD Vector Shape & PNG format.

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