Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday's Map Games

It's always a good idea to ease your way into the working week by spending a little time playing a fun map game. So let's start this Monday with Posio, a multi-player geography game.

Posio is very similar to a lot of other games built with interactive maps. You are given the name of a city and all you have to do is click where you think the city is on a map of the world. However what makes Posio really fun is that you get to pit your geographical knowledge against other players.

As ever you are awarded points based on how close you get to the correct location on each turn.

If you want to clone the game the code is available on GitHub.

If you still need some distraction from work then why not have a go at the Guardian's latest geo-quiz, Identify World Cities from their Running Heatmaps? In this little quiz you need to try and identify ten world cities from the GPS tracks of Strava joggers and cyclists.

For each question you get a map and three possible answers. All you have to do is click on the correct answer. It's that easy!

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