Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mapping Germany's Power Sources

By 2020 Germany wants 18% of its energy to come from renewable sources. By the same date it wants to cut emissions by 40%. To achieve this goal Germany needs to drastically reduce its reliance on coal and oil fueled power.

Carbon Brief's Power Sources in Germany is an interactive map which visualizes Germany’s electricity generating capacity. The map allows you to view the power sources and capacity of Germany's power plants.

You can use the map menu to filter the electricity generating plants by type. This allows you to view the distribution of different power sources and view the total amount of energy produced by each type of power source. For example, if you select wind power from the menu, you can see that it currently contributes 44,983 MW of Germany's 191,153 MW of power. You can also see on the map how wind power is concentrated in the north of the country, particularly along the North Sea coast.

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