Thursday, September 15, 2016

Attack of the Hamster Zombies

Esri's Story Map Cascade template just got a bunch of new features. The new features make it easier for you to find & use images in your Cascade maps, manipulate and position images within your Story Maps and use color to format narrative text and captions. Story Map Cascade also now has an autoplay option, which allows your story maps to play automatically without the need for user interactions.

The new option to add color to the narrative text and captions is demonstrated in an example story map which explores the recent Outbreak of Killer Zombie Hamsters. This map documents how the walking rodent dead have managed to spread throughout the USA.

The map tells the story of how a lone zombie hamster was able to disguise itself as the hairpiece of a Republican presidential candidate. How it was then able to use the candidate's campaign trail to infect attendees at events across the country, turning them into frothing, primitive creatures with a propensity to attack the living.

However - don't be alarmed! Those infected by the zombie hamsters are easily identified by their irrational and violent behavior. Besides, the CHDC (the Center for Hamster Disease Control and Prevention), is fighting to contain the zombie hamster hordes. They predict that the battle to restore normality to the country will be over by the end of November.

Of course Esri's Zombie Hamster map is a work of fiction. The map is only a neat demonstration of how adding color to text & captions in your Cascade maps can be used to provide legends within the narrative to the data displayed on your map visualizations.

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