Thursday, September 15, 2016

China's New Silk Roads

China is busy building the infrastructure to connect central Asia with the rest of the world. In One Belt, One Road the Financial Times explores some of the construction projects being designed to transport people and goods within the region and further afield.

The map uses the Mapbox GL story map template to scroll and pan a map of the region to show the various railway lines, roads and gas pipelines that have already been constructed or are in the process of being built. These construction projects include gas pipelines between China and Central Asia, the China to Pakistan highway and new high speed railways throughout the region.

Back in 2013 the New York Times created its own story map template to take you on a journey along one of China's railway lines, following the route of the old Silk Road.

Riding the New Silk Road follows the modern train route using a vertical scrolling map. The map is illustrated with photos and videos from one section of the modern route. As you scroll down the page you travel south along a strip map of the route. Animated polylines connect important locations on the route to the illustrative media in the map sidebar.

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